FINTEN - Finnish Transportation Expertise Network

Comatec Oy Engineering and consulting services.

EC-Engineering Oy Integrated composite material solutions - fibre-reinforced plastic and sandwich products.

KMT Group Oy Designs and manufactures both mechanical and electrical devices and systems for transportation vehicles, ships and industry.

Lumikko Oy HVAC-solutions for trains and locomotives.

Marioff Corporation Oy Water mist fire protection systems for transportation vehicles and infrastructure.

Polarteknik PMC Oy Ab Automatic and manual interior  and gangway doors for trains and commercial vehicles.

Vacon Traction Ltd Auxiliary power converters for rolling stock. Vacon Traction offers a wide variety of AC and DC supplied power converters and battery chargers with excellent power-volume-weight ratio.

FINTEN - Finnish Transportation Expertise Network
Löytynkatu 1 B, FIN-15900 Lahti
Olli-Pekka Porkka, Tel. +358 40 721 4020
Fax. +358 3 753 2102


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